About Us

About US

Established in 2019, the Cedar Art is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit art studio and collective. Our goal is to unite both artists and art supporters through a mutual desire to create an art utopia.
To further this goal, we offer a nonjudgmental studio space that provides a platform through which unsigned local artists can be seen and heard, thus empowering them to sustain themselves through their craft. We offer emerging artists a warm, creativity-sparking home where they can connect with and draw inspiration from like-minded individuals who value art and creativity as much as they do.

Additionally, our website and mobile app allow us to connect with and empower artists and art lovers all over the world.

As a nonprofit organization, 100% of our revenue is used to support the artists who belong to our collective, so they can support themselves through their art.

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The Cedar Art is a free, nonjudgmental art collective committed to empowering artists of all levels and helping them use their art to support themselves.


We provide a platform for unsigned local artists to ensure that they’re seen and heard.


Looking to join a collective that’ll help you reach your goals, support you, and help you sustain yourself through your craft?

Email the art you’re most proud of to solutions@thecedarart.com, along with answers to the following questions:


-What are you working on right now?

-How many days/hours do you need per week to complete your current project?

-What resources do you need for your project?

-How will The Cedar Art help you achieve your dreams

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