About Us

About US

Established in 2019, the Cedar Art is a Los Angeles-based production company, art studio and collective. Our goal is to unite both artists and art supporters through a mutual desire to create an art utopia.

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The Cedar Art is a free, nonjudgmental art collective committed to empowering artists of all levels and helping them use their art to support themselves.


We provide a platform for unsigned local artists to ensure that they’re seen and heard.


Looking to join a collective that’ll help you reach your goals, support you, and help you sustain yourself through your craft?

Email the art you’re most proud of to solutions@thecedarart.com, along with answers to the following questions:


-What are you working on right now?

-How many days/hours do you need per week to complete your current project?

-What resources do you need for your project?

-How will The Cedar Art help you achieve your dreams

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