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Kat Von D - I AM NOTHING (Official Video)

Directed by – Linda Strawberry
Producer – Sergio Silva
Director of Photography – Alex Pollini

Production Manager- Sara Elsayed-


In order of appearance:

Contortionist – Brynn Route
Vocals – Kat Von D
Synth 1 – Gregg Foreman AKA Mr. Pharmacist
Synth 2 – Sammi Doll
Drums – Dave Parley


Makeup – Leah Carmichael
Hair + Makeup – Tara Buenrostro
Nails – Erin Chavez
Kat’s Dresses – Dilara Findikoglu

AFI - Tied To A Tree (Official Music Video)

Directed by Linda Strawberry
Edit, Color, VFX: Linda Strawberry
Co-Producer: Sergio Silva
DP: Alex Pollini
Dancer: Stephanie Kim
Production Company: Coloma Productions


Special thanks to Sara Elsayed, Felipe Mieres, Andi Obarski, David Goodman, Keith Shattle, Diego Patino, Rob Shit, Lindsey Palacios, Planet Swan, Mosh, Lizette Perez, Lilian Silva, Regina Carpinelli, John Lanternier, Norma Gonzalez, Leah Carmichael, and Vanessa Nichole.

Creative Director

DEOLINDA Cream – Commercial video filmed by Sara Elsayed. 

THE ILLUSION – Multiple Award Winning Short Animation Film

Are humans in control of their destiny or are they guided by a predetermined fate? Most people wonder and attempt to find an answer to such question. Throughout humanity, people have always sought control over their lives and affairs, yet are we really in control of our affairs, or is their a greater force determining the major part of our lives?

YouTube Channel – Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Filmed by Sergio Silva.

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